Hospital Policies

Our hospital is managed much like a human emergency room. Critical cases will be handled prior to non-life threatening illnesses.  Triaging and time sensitive emergencies sometimes cause wait times, but we strive to be efficient and have a well trained staff that minimizes wait times as much as possible.



When your pets are hospitalized at the Animal Emergency Clinic, they are carefully monitored and updates on your pet’s condition are given frequently. While we know you would like to see where your pet is kept, it is often difficult for us to allow visits in the treatment area.  We are often in middle of treating other emergencies so it is difficult to spare one of our team members for a tour.  For this reason, our website has a virtual tour that will allow for you to familiarize yourself with the hospital so that you can see where your pet is being cared for by our staff. Visitation with your pet may be possible depending on their condition and the number of other patients we have in the clinic at that time.




Before any treatment is started, you will be given an estimate of the cost of the recommended treatments for your pet’s diagnosis.  You will be given the option of accepting all the recommended treatments or some of them depending on your pet’s condition. All treatments will be discussed with you by the doctor on staff and again by the technician working the case. If you have questions please feel free to ask our staff members. By allowing you to view all treatment estimates and cost it allows you to accept the care for your pet that you are comfortable providing.  A deposit (the lowest end of the estimate) will be required prior to any treatments. Unfortunately the nature of an emergency practice necessitates this as our relationship with you is often brief. Thank you for understanding of our policies.




At the Animal emergency Clinic of N AL we accept the following forms of payment: cash, checks Care Credit and all major credit cards. We are unable to offer credit due to the brief nature of our relationship.  Payment is due at the time of service. Thank you for your cooperation of this matter.


Contact Information


During your visit you will be required to fill out several forms. This information gives us any contact information we may need to inform you of the condition and/or changes to the treatment of your pet. Make sure we are given a reliable way to contact you in case of a change in your pet’s condition.



Monday - Thursday

6pm - 8am


All Weekend:

Friday 6pm to Monday 8am


All Major Holidays


2112 Memorial Parkway SW

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Ph: (256) 533-7600